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We keep you up to date with the tattoo world. Sometimes we do marketing for some exceptional tattoo artists.


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We're a full service tattoo marketing agency - check that out

If you made it this far, you're probably interested in our tattoo marketing services.

Years of working in the tattoo industry has made Rambling Skull uniquely useful to tattoo artists and shops who are looking to make more money, expand their online presence, solidify their brand, sell their artwork - and pretty much anything else you could name.

Most of the time people finish reading that and think to themselves "Instagram is all I need, I'm doing just fine with that."  That's great, and we love when tattooers and shops succeed. We also like helping them succeed even harder. 

That's basically our whole sales pitch, and here's how we help you succeed harder:

Website - A modern website that lets you monetize your artwork, schedule clients, accept payments, build your brand, and whatever else you can name.

SEO - Also known as search engine optimization. When someone searches for you or your shop, we get you to show up higher up in Google search results (or Yahoo if you're weird.)

Local Marketing - People need to be able to find you. You know the little map when you Google a location? That's local marketing.  Showing up on that little map is proven to increase organic visits to business locations. 

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